Electrical Expo – NEXT EXPO IN 2020

The Electrical Board of Missouri and Illinois manages an Electrical Expo that attracts manufacturers from across the country.

At our March 21-22, 2017 Expo at the St. Charles Convention Center, we had 2,435 attendees for the 2 days and 768 exhibitors for a total of 3,203. In addition, we were “sold out” in February with 206 booths. The next Expo will be held in 2020 (only held every 3 years).   In addition to product information, seminars are held on a wide variety of topics to enhance the educational value of the Expo as well as offer pdh/peus for engineers/contractors. Over 1,900 attended the 12 seminars.  One of the most popular seminars is an update on the National Electrical Code which attracts 350 participants.  This Update class is only offered at the Expo every three years and is an 8 hour update.

See you at   our  next Expo-  WILL BE HERE BEFORE WE KNOW IT….2020!! If you are a manufacturer who did not participate in 2017 expo, but want to be sent information regarding future ones, please email annie@electricalboard.org so she can add you to the list. We sold out in 2017 and turned away several manufacturers, so you will want to reserve early in 2020! OR…if you are a company wanting to bring a bus/van to the next Expo, let us know as we offer reimbursements to help offset these costs. Email us so we can send information when it becomes available for the next Expo.