EBMI  Board of Directors decided to continue to provide donations to the TWO charities we assist each Mixer (Salvation Army and Feed My Peeps), even though the Mixer itself has been cancelled for 2020 through this raffle.

We thank ALL DONORS of these wonderful prizes(all valued at $100 or more) for the 12 days of Christmas Raffle AND all who purchased the $5 tickets.   Our raffle began on December 3rd (original day for our cancelled Mixer) and will be held each WORKDAY through December 18th, 2020.  See prizes and results each day from this website.  Winners will be notified by EBMI.

4 tickets were mailed out to all EBMI members in November and ticket sales continued through December 2nd (though late tickets are still being accepted to help out these charities.)  We were very thankful for the wonderful response we received from all members…EBMI, WEB, ECMC, retired members, etc.  Thank you all for your support!

All proceeds from this raffle will be split between SALVATION ARMY and FEED MY PEEPS.   It was open to family, friends and  industry associates.   We have collected  over $5,000 to-date and will split between these two charities.  Thanks for making Christmas special for those less fortunate, especially since the need is so great during this challenging year.


Prizes and Results!
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