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**For the fall 2021 classes, we will plan for in-person classes for several classes. However, please understand we will switch to virtual or even cancel if CDC guidelines mandate social distancing again. We will show VIRTUAL by the class if that class is offered ONLY virtually. We will require ALL STUDENTS to sign a waiver of liability for attending any in-person classes.
And per CDC guidelines, if a student is vaccinated, they do not need to wear a mask (optional) but if you are not vaccinated, you are required to wear a mask at class (for your safety).
We thank you for your patience if changes need to be made later. Please call EBMI office for updates if you are interested in a particular class.

We are entering our 44th year of education for the electrical industry.  The Electrical Board of Missouri and Illinois has been teaching classes and seminars since 1978, with over four thousand students benefiting from these offerings. Education can open the doors for many career opportunities.  If you (or others within your company) are looking for ways to enhance  professional development, need pdh’s or Jefferson County/City of St. Louis for licensing  requirements or looking for specific electrical classes, our education classes can help to achieve these goals.

Seminars and classes are offered in the Fall and Spring. Fall classes are shown on left side of class info/spring classes are shown on right side in booklet. Please note that some classes are only offered ONE semester, but you can sign up early. Seminars can be 2, 4 or 8 hours, while the classes meet once per week for 5 to 14 weeks.  We do need a minimum number for each class, so if interested, we encourage early enrollment. All of the classes and seminars are taught by instructors who work in the field related to the seminar or class subject matter. This means that you will get real answers, rather than just something out of a book.

At this time, many of the half-day seminars on Clean Energy (August),  Electric Power Issues (October),  Emerging Illinois Electric Topics (October and April) and Energy Efficiency (January) are scheduled to be virtual seminars. If interested in these receiving more info about these seminars, please email annie@electricalboard.org so she can add you to her list. That way, when flyers are finalized, you will receive a copy via email.


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