We are updating the list of exhibitors as of 1-11-23. If they have a manufacturers rep, their name is listed next to their manufacturer. Thus far, we have 200 booths and are about sold out! If you are a manufacturer and interested in exhibiting, please email bill@electricalboard.org or annie@electricalboard.org as soon as possible or call 636/305-6434. We will let you know if any booths are available.

ABB Emergi-Lite (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
ABB EX-Solutions (Meglio & Associates)
ABB Hazlux (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
ABB Installation Products – Thomas & Betts (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
ABB Light Alarms (Meglio & Associates)
Acuity Brands (St. Louis Lighting Group)
Advanced Pedestals (FISHCO Group)
Alan Wire
Alliance Composites (Power Equipment Sales)
Alterra Power Systems
Ameren Illinois Electric Vehicles
Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Programs
Ameren Missouri BizSavers
Ameren Missouri Efficient Electrification
American Conduit (Lester Sales)
American Lighting Inc. (Vector Electrical Sales)
American Midwest Power (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
Anamet Electrical Inc. (Casey Electric Sales)
Arlington Industries (Meglio & Associates)
ASCO Power Technologies by Schneider Electric
Atkore (Meglio & Associates)
BHMG Engineers, Inc.
Barron Lighting Group (Rozycki Lighting)
Baselite Corporation (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
Bodine – Signify North America Corporation (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
Bridgeport Fittings (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
BRK Electronics (Casey Electric Sales)
Cantex (FISHCO Group)
Central Power Systems & Services
Cerrowire, LLC (FISHCO Group)
Chalfant (CBM Inc.)
Champion Fiberglass (FISHCO Group)
CK Power Systems
Classic Wire & Cable (FISHCO Group)
Cooper Lighting Solutions (Lighting Associates)
CREE Lighting (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
CT Innovations (FISHCO Group)
Cummins Sales and Service
Current Tools
Dakota Systems (Vector Electrical Sales)
Dialight Corporation (Casey Electric Sales)
Diode LED (St. Louis Lighting Group)
L.H. Dottie Company (Meglio & Associates)
Eaton Bussmann
Eaton Corporation
Eaton Electrical Sales and Service
Eaton Energy Transition
Eaton Power Quality Division
Eaton – Power Systems Division
Eaton Wiring Devices (Archway Electrical Sales)
Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds, B-Line and Oil & Gas Group
EDF Group
EiKO Global (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
Electric Power Systems
Electrical Board of Missouri and Illinois
Electri-Flex (FISHCO Group)
ELGIN Power Solutions-Lighting Division (A Star Electric)
Elite Lighting (LTG Partners)
Emerson/Appleton (FISHCO Group)
Emerson/Easy Heat, Inc. (Lassen Co.)
Emerson/SolaHD (CBM, Inc.)
Encore Wire (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
Ericson Manufacturing (Casey Electric Sales)
ESA Fabrication (EMS Partners)
ESL Power Systems (Weldy Lamont Group)
Fabick Cat
Federal Signal Corp. (Casey Electric Sales)
Federated Insurance
Ferret Tools (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
G.E. Current (LTG Partners)
GE Current Lighting (FISHCO Group)
GM Lighting (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
Generac Industrial Power (Evapar)
Greaves Corp. (Vector Electrical Sales)
Gregory Strut (Lester Sales Co.)
Gripple Inc. (LTG Partners)
H&H Metal Fabrication
HM Cragg
Hammond Manufacturing Inc. (Meglio & Associates)
Hammond Power Solutions (Casey Electric Sales)
Harger Lightning & Grounding (FISHCO Group)
Honeywell E-Mon (Meglio & Associates)
Howard Lighting Products (LTG Partners)
Hubbell Burndy
Hubbell Chance (LTG Partners)
Hubbell Commercial Construction (Vector Electrical Sales)
Hubbell Killark (Vector Electrical Sales)
Hubbell Quazite
Hubbell Wiring Device – Kellems
Ideal Electric
Illuminating Engineering Society – St. Louis Section (IES)
Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater St. Louis
Intermatic (Casey Electric Sales)
JESCO Lighting (LTG Partners)
Keystone Technologies (St. Louis Lighting Group)
Kidde (FISHCO Group)
Klein Tools
Legrand (Lester Sales Co.)
Leviton Lighting Controls (Meglio & Associates)
Light Efficient Design (Archway Electrical Sales)
Lighting Associates
Littelfuse (FISHCO Group)
Lotus LED Lights (Solutions in Lighting)
LSI Industries (LTG Partners)
LTG Partners
Lutron Electronics (Vector Electrical Sales)
Lutze Inc. (EMS Partners)
Marley Engineered Products (Meglio & Associates)
MaxLite (Meglio and Associates)
MELTRIC Corporation (Meglio & Associates)
MENNEKES Electrical Products
Mersen (Casey Electric Sales Inc.)
Milbank Manufacturing (Meglio & Associates)
Milwaukee Tool
Morris Products (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
Mosebach (Gunthrett Power)
Myers Emergency Power Systems (Lighting Associates)
NICOR (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
Nixon Power Services, LLC
NovaTech Automation (Weldy LaMont Group)
NSI Industries (FISHCO Group)
nVent CADDY (Casey Electric Sales)
nVent Erico (Casey Electric Sales)
nVent/Hoffman (Casey Electric Sales)
nVent NUHEAT (Casey Electric Sales)
nVent RAYCHEM (Casey Electric Sales)
The Okonite Company
Panasonic Eco Solutions of NA (FISHCO Group)
Panduit (Archway Electrical Sales)
Panduit (Archway Electrical Sales)
Polywater (Archway Electrical Sales)
Powell Electrical Systems, Inc.
PowerTemp (Gunthrett Power)
Priority Wire (R.E. Fulsom)
Prysmian General Cable (Lester Sales Co.)
Quality Tube (Lester Sales Co.)
RAB Lighting (FISHCO Group)
Robroy Industries (Vector Electrical Sales)
Ronk Electrical (Meglio & Associates)
S&C Electric (Weldy Lamont Group)
Safe Electricity
St. Louis Electrical Connection
Satco/Nuvo (Vector Electrical Sales)
Saylite (LTG Partners)
Schaeffer Marketing Group
Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric (EDF Group)
SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories) – (A Star Electric)
Service Wire Company (Meglio & Associates)
Shat-R-Shield (Casey Electric Sales)
Siemens Automation Fire and Security
Siemens eMobility Solutions
Siemens Electrification and Automation
Siemens Smart Infrastructure -Low Voltage
& Power Distribution
Signify (Meglio & Associates)
Signtex Lighting (Meglio & Associates)
SOLTECH LLC (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
Sourcery Wire & Cable LLC (Meglio & Associates)
Southern Grounding Products (Lester Sales Co.)
Southwire (Vector Electrical Sales)
Southwire – Tools & Equipment (Vector Electrical Sales)
Sportsbeams Lighting Inc. (Meglio & Associates)
Sternberg Lighting (Lighting Associates)
Task Lighting (Solutions in Lighting)
TE Connectivity (Archway Electrical Sales)
Tele-Fonika Cable Americas Corp. (Meglio & Associates)
Tick Tock Energy
Toshiba- UPS (En-Sync)
TPI Corporation (FISHCO Group)
Underground Devices, Inc. (Vector Electrical Sales)
Universal Douglas (Schaeffer Marketing Group)
Vector Electrical Sales
Vertiv (Electronic Support Systems)
Viscor Lighting (Meglio & Associates)
WAGO (Casey Electric Sales)
Wave Lighting (Meglio & Associates)
Wesanco Strut (FISHCO Group)
Western Tube – A Division of Zekelman Industries (Vector Electrical Sales)
Westgate Mfg. Inc. (Solutions in Lighting)
Wheatland Tube (FISHCO Group)
Wiha Tools (FISHCO Group)