Date of Play- June 18th | Highlands

No sponsors for hospitality on June 11th

1st GECO Hritzkowin 31, -4

2nd EDF 32, -3

3rd OOD 33, -2

4th at 34, -1 3 Teams tied: Bell/Butler, GECO 2 Burns, and Lighting Associates

Due to the rain out on 4.23   –Week 1 is being played at the end.
Note: We will be extending our league another week due to weather conditions and groups not being able to complete play on May 14th
We now have 2 rainout dates being played at the end.

Resources for EBMI’s 2024 Golf League:
Information and Guidelines 
Click here to “Host” after golf -the hospitality event.  

Contact to coordinate food selection and payment at Forest Park;

Charley Miller
Food & Beverage Manager
The Courses at Forest Park
6141 Lagoon Drive
St. Louis, MO, 63112
Office: 314-367-8948