The Executive Committee, on behalf of THE ELECTRICAL BOARD OF MISSOURI AND
ILLINOIS (EBMI) shares the retirement announcement of Bill Regan. Bill Regan has been an
integral part of EBMI for over 49 years. His dedication and contributions will always be valued
and remembered. His hard work and commitment are worthy of admiration. Bill will be greatly
missed in the role of President, of The Electrical Board of Missouri and Illinois.
Bill will assist Kim Johnston, who assumed the role on Nov. 13th, through a transition period
until December 31st. He will continue to consult and contribute to special projects for one year.
Annie Regan (Bill’s sister), Events and Education coordinator will continue to manage programs
and also assist through the transition phase. Annie has dedicated over 42 years to EBMI.

“Bill’s hard work and commitment are worthy of admiration. He will be greatly missed. On behalf
of the EBMI Board of Directors, we wish him many years of health and happiness as he enjoys his
well-deserved retirement.”- Tom Bush, EBMI Chairman

Bill Regan- 2023 St. Louis Expo

In the October 20th, 2023, edition of The Flash, Bill shared in his monthly column: “The success
from … is due to many members who are committed to providing programs and events that
benefit our members and the industry. …. It has been a pleasure to serve the EBMI members.”