EBMI Vets is an active group of military veterans, who happen to work in the Electrical Industry.  They meet several times a year.   They plan the Memorial Day Observance and luncheon.

If you are a military veteran and work in the Electrical industry, we invite you to join  this group and become involved with many of their activities planned for this upcoming year.

We have organized a bingo night, a movie night and hold an annual BBQ for the veterans and their visiting families.  Even if you are not a military veteran, but wish to assist at these events, please contact us.

**Due to covid in 2020 and 2021, we were unable to hold this barbecue at the VA Medical Center. However, if you wish to volunteer at future events, please email annie@electricalboard.org and we will keep you posted.
Annual Barbecue at VA (open to all who wish to  volunteer).

SATURDAY – OCTOBER, 2021 – VA MEDICAL CENTER – JB – 10:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.
In October 2019,  had 32 volunteers and served over 75 veterans, family and staff (those who attended and many whom we brought food up to their rooms). We thank all the volunteers shown in pictures (and those who came later or donated items) for helping make this event a success for our wonderful veterans.

May – Memorial Day Luncheon (normally Thursday before Memorial Day weekend at Kirkwood Memorial Park, across from Train Station at 11;00 a.m.) – Call EBMI for details.

If you wish to join this group of veterans, please contact Annie Regan at /a> .

Ways for YOUR company to be involved in helping out the veterans, in addition to above activities…

Support the employment success of our American heroes….

Hiring Veterans – a step-by-step toolkit for employers

November Veterans Day at work…

Thank a veteran at Work



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