We thank you for  supporting the  Ameren Missouri / EBMI’s MARCH 22ND
Energy Efficiency Workshop


Directions to Ameren and Parking

1901 Chouteau, St. Louis, MO  63103” for a map to Ameren.)  Remain on Chouteau until see Ameren’s entrance on your left. Please arrive early to allow yourself enough time for parking. We also have several vendors displaying their products in the atrium outside the auditorium so please take some time to visit with them.

 Parking –

Visitors parking lot to the Right of the Ameren entrance may be used. Or you can use general parking to the left if visitors lot is full upon your arrival.)  Please give yourself plenty of extra time for parking, as sometimes their lots fill up quickly.  We are expecting over 65+ guests!!!   You may want to arrive EARLY to be assured of a spot.   Please enter from Chouteau Avenue (directions below).

DRIVERS LICENSE, GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID, OR PASSPORT will be needed to gain access into the building.  (YOUR company ID will NOT work unless you are an Ameren employee.)    ANYONE WITHOUT A PHOTO ID WILL BE TURNED AWAY!
The guard will provide you with a VISITORS BADGE that must be viewable during your stay.

Once approved with a badge, you will go up the ramp on the left of the security desk.

You will need to wait for an AMEREN PERSONNEL  to let you in (or out later).  You cannot operate the doors without Ameren personnel assistance so please be patient in waiting for someone to help you at the door.

EBMI registration table will be inside the atrium area near the security guard’s desk.   Vendors/speakers badges are to the left side of the registration table; attendees and committee are to the right, all in  ALPHABETICAL  order by LAST NAME.

Ameren will check that your name is on the reservation list and we will compare our lists. This is for SECURITY purposes.


When exiting atrium area, go to the right side (where you came in),  you will require an Ameren employee to access the door to allow you to leave the atrium area.  Door will not open without them allowing you access.

Attendees are not allowed to roam the Ameren building.  Please stay within auditorium, atrium (and restroom) areas only.

Best Practices
During the program, please leave the auditorium to take any calls AND  go into ATRIUM area by the vendors.   (Many times, people talk right outside the auditorium doors and your voice can still be heard inside.)  Moving farther away will lessen disturbance for other attendees listening to the program.

Please check in at EBMI registration and take your badge with you, so we know you are in attendance especially if needing pdh’s.   We realize you may prefer to wear your own Ameren badge, but EBMI needs to know you are in attendance, so please make sure to check in.     

Program Schedule:
7:15 – 7:50 a.m. – Visit Vendor tabletops in atrium AND  auditorium.

NEW AREA:     Breakfast items/coffee – IN ATRIUM AREA, UNDER STEPS   near Vendor tables.

You are invited take a few minutes beforehand AND during breaks to visit with the vendors in the atrium.  They help to support these programs and the time you spend visiting their tabletops is much appreciated by the committee.  These vendors have many of the latest products/services that can benefit your company! 

7:55 a.m. – Welcome and 1st speaker will begin at 8:00 a.m. promptly
12:00 noon – Program ends.

We will offer 4 pdh’s for engineers attending this seminar, but these will be awarded only if  1) you stay for the entire seminar; 2) you sign pdh engineers  sign-in form on front  table in auditorium before or during break and 3) you email annie@electricalboard.org  before 2 days of the seminar  if you did NOT mark the registration form to alert her that you need a pdh letter.  No pdh letters will be given out until the END of the seminar at noon.  ****PLEASE PICK UP YOUR PDH LETTER AT REGISTRATION AREA AS YOU EXIT AFTER THE PROGRAM HAS ENDED. THEY CANNOT BE MAILED AS WE HAVE TO KNOW THAT YOU STAYED FOR THE ENTIRE PROGRAM.   We will not make them for everyone attending this seminar, so please call or email Annie if you need a pdh letter completed for you for this seminar!!!


We look forward to seeing you at this event!

The Electrical Board of Missouri and Illinois, 900 S. Highway Dr.-Ste. 203, Fenton, MO  63026

636/305-6434          info@electricalboard.org