The Electrical Board Foundation was formed in 1991 to provide the Industry Scholarship Awards to EBMI members and their immediate families.

This program is funded through many different programs. The Jackpot Sales at EBMI’s Industry Luncheons, various contests at Sportsman’s Holiday and GOLFfest, Spring Leadership Luncheon and Christmas Mixer all help to support this Foundation.

There are other ways in which to contribute. Many of our members contribute to the Foundation when they pay their dues and we sincerely appreciate these donations. You can deduct the contribution to the Foundation from your taxes. No matter how small or large the donation, all the monies contribute to the goal of helping our members’ families receive scholarships to further their education.

In 2021, the EBMI Foundation Committee changed the Scholarship Donors to the following categories: Gold (over $1500); Silver ($1000-$1499); Bronze ($250-$999) and Friends of EBMI Foundation ($1-$249). We thank these organizations, companies and individuals for their generous support of our Foundation each year. The donors who are in the Bronze, Silver and Gold categories are given recognition by EBMI at the Spring Leadership Luncheon and in the FLASH. All Friends of EBMI Foundation are listed as donors in the FLASH newsletter.

At the suggestion of members, we also receive donations in memory/honor of a loved one. Many times, people have been very active in the electrical industry and/or EBMI. What a wonderful way to remember/honor them by donating to the Scholarship Foundation. EBMI has envelopes available upon request. In addition, EBMI sends a letter to the appropriate person to recognize such donations. Due to the response from this program, a few scholarships were donated in memory/honor of a person in the electrical industry.




• Friends of Michael A. Postiglione – since 2005 (in memory of Mike)

• Friends of Walter Koessel (in memory of Walter)

• Schaeffer Marketing Group AND Brenda and Mike Schaeffer – since 2014 (in memory of Ricky and Joe Schaeffer)

*Dean and Nedra Klohr (in memory of Esther Sanders)

*Dave Jockenhoefer and Pat Anello (in memory of Cole Anello, Rhegan Sajben and Jared Schmitz)



• Electrical Representatives Organization (ERO) – since 1994

• International Association of Electrical Inspectors –
St. Louis Chapter – since 2000 – (in memory of Jerry Feagans/Walter Koessel)

•Friends of Paul Friemel – since 2016 (in memory of Paul)



•Rolf and Ilona Albers

•John and Beth Duda

*Jackie Postiglione

*Jen Hermen – Crescent Electric Supply



Thanks to all members who continue to support the EBMI Foundation through jackpot at our events and/or through donations with their dues. No matter how small or large, we appreciate ALL donations that have allowed us to continue to award these scholarships.

The 21st Century Committee and Women’s Electrical Board provide scholarships when their donations reach amount of a full scholarship.
And we always appreciate the generous donations by all the members who contribute to this scholarship program each year.

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