Update on Jefferson County – Minimum of 8 JC approved contact hours to renew your license-

What this means for Jefferson County Contractors for the current cycle… NEED 8 HOURS BY END OF 2024!

    *Contractors need 8 contact hours (either 8-code hours OR 4-code and 4-electives hours) in a 3-year license cycle (January 1, 2022-December 31, 2024 is current cycle). Courses must still be Jefferson County approved courses. No carry-over of hours into next cycle. SIGN UP EARLY IF YOU NEED HOURS FOR LICENSING.

     *It’s YOUR responsibility to take your class certificate/letter to Jefferson County WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM END OF CLASS/SEMINAR (not hold them until end of cycle)  to their contact person in this area.   We also recommend that YOU keep copies of each in your own Jefferson County contact hours file to have on hand as a backup.

     *You must also make sure that the education class/seminar you plan to take has been been pre-approved by Jefferson County (or they will not accept your class hours).  EBMI has had all of our classes/instructors approved for this cycle (if they show JC hours by the class name), but it’s best to inquire prior to taking seminars.  Call Jefferson County if you are unsure if your classes/seminars have been pre-approved by a particular organization.  Check out EBMI’s list of classes/seminars to help you obtain your JC hours early.

Update on City of St. Louis education requirements for license renewal in 2022; changes will be occuring in 2023, but everyone needs to fulfill these requirements in 2022.  We will update you on those details later or call EBMI office.

Per City of St. Louis’ letter on December 21, 2018 to all electrical and industrial-maintenance LICENSE HOLDERS — they will now need to provide proof of continuing education or education on the current adopted code EACH YEAR. A minimum of 8 classroom hours is required before the date of the license holder’s annual license renewal. If you are concerned on whether or not a class/seminar will be accepted, please call their office at 314/622-3313 and ask for Felitia Richmond. It must be code-related class/seminar. Before 2018, the City only required CEU’s every 3 years with the code cycle. As per ordinance section 80.21.5, it is now required ANNUALLY at time of license holder renewal for their company. This became effective February 2019. Please keep copies of all certificates/forms at your company before turning into the city.