This postcard was sent earlier this year to past exhibitors. 

BUT…now is the time to Reserve a Booth for next year’s Electrical Expo.  The window of opportunity is August 1 – October 31, 2022!!  See brochure below for ALL DETAILS.  Then, send in your contract for this event.   Expo contract copy or fillable form is also available below.

brochure with contract


fillable CONTRACT FOR 2023

Don’t delay as our Expo normally sells out early.  Any questions regarding the Expo, please contact or

Our last expo was in March 2020. See details below.

The Electrical Board of Missouri and Illinois manages an Electrical Expo that attracts manufacturers from across the country. We completed our 2020 Expo on March 11-12, 2020 at St. Charles Convention Center. We had 1,349 attendees for the 2-day event and 756 exhibitors for a total of 2,105. We were one of the last shows to complete their Expo before the country shut down with covid in March, 2020.

In addition, we had 206 booths and were “sold out” in February, having turned several manufacturers away who wished to exhibit. In addition to product information, seminars were held on a wide variety of topics to enhance the educational value of the Expo as well as offer pdh/education units for engineers/contractors. Over 1,700 attended the 13 seminars offered over the two days; several seminars had 150+ attendees and the average in each was 108 attendees.  One of the most popular seminars is an update on the National Electrical Code  (8 hours) which attracts 300+ participants. The expo itself is free of charge, but there is a cost to attend seminars. Ameren was once again the exclusive sponsor for the Expo.

We have attached the final attendance report:


It’s an all-industry event…utility, contractors, industrial/commercial, architects, government, health care, education, etc. attend the show. It’s a great way for them to see new products firsthand which can save their company money as well as compare manufacturers’ products in ONE venue.

Distributors – we appreciate their support for the show as they provide tickets at their branches for customers, bring bus/vans of customers to this event and their sales personnel promote it during their months leading up to the show.
If you plan to bring a bus/van to our next show, please make sure to contact EBMI for details about receiving reimbursement for bus/van of customers for this show…must be over a 50 mile radius from the Convention Center.